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It is always not easy having to come out with a entry that will attract the interest of everybody, HOWEVER, there is ONE COMMON TOPIC whereby you and I will always come across.

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The Quest for Powaa!   - Words by Ben, Snaps by Ben & June   Ben here. I've been kicking myself about writing a piece to explain why I started POWAA Garage over a year ago, and what is my aim with this blog, and now's as good a time as any, so here goes.Sorry, reader, no car feature, race report or event coverage this time, this time I'm putting myself in the limelight.This piece is about my passion for cars, and what I hope to share with the world through this humble little blog. If you've read my words...

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Sooo the end of last year was a real busy nightmare at work, but i'm still here! It's a bit late, but what better way to kick off the year than to showcase your Autotest round 3!

Words and Snap by Benjamin Attard (POWAA GARAGE) -


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It was a sad moment for Singapore Motorsports.........

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