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Hi everyone!


I’m Rosabel and I’m the newly added member to this humble website. In this space of mine, you’ll be expecting lots of food moment and also some of the shopping experience that I have while travelling for business with Niki.

Now, you must be wondering…WHO IS THIS LADY?

Well, I’m the lady whom you’ll see occasionally during LMS Track days in Sepang. Mainly the one sitting at the front desk, asking for your I.C., issue you the number sticker and the data logger. I might appear to some as really “icy” but trust me, it can be easily broken too! (Haha)

Back to ME. I was exposed to automotive industry since I was a kid. My dad is a car dealer and I prolly know more car models than you guys do! ;p Less the parts and etc… don’t judge me, I’m still in the midst of learning!

Since then, I begin to develop interest in cars and even join in the conversation with the guys whenever I’m out with them. The thing about being in love with 4 wheels is that it enables the freedom for one and I treasure that alot though I do not have a driving license at the moment, but being the one seating on the passenger side can be pretty fun & challenging too! Just so you know, I’m the one reading the road signs and giving directions most of the time. (Ahem….)

Oh! I almost forget, I LOVE GO-KARTING A LOT!!!! Couldn’t emphasize it any more but I’m always looking forward to a great karting session. It is prolly the closest to driving since I do not have a legal driving license yet. So if you guys love karting as much as I do, drop a comment in the comment box and maybe we can arrange a session together?

So much about me for now, I hope you are already looking forward to my next entry!


Till then,


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