The Reasons To Choose P1

Young, With a Great Heritage

Founded and owned by Enrico Glorioso, who created Sparco 37 years ago, pioneering the racewear business and leading Sparco to be the racewear world leader.

P1 racewear focused on racewear only, has quickly become the outsider of motorsport world.

In just 5 years P1 was able to grow up enough to compete with major brands thanks to our lifetime experience and desire to understand driver’r needs.

Italian Handmade Quality

Great attention to details, distinctive “Italian style”, fashionable look.

Unlike most competitors which moved to “low cost” countries. P1 racewear is fully designed and manufactured in Italy to grant high level of quality, design, and comfort.

Excellent Value for Money

A small company, like we are, is more reactive and dynamic, so it is perfectly adapted to motorsports needs and has little overheads, that’s why P1 is excellent value for money.










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