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The ZX Evo V2 balaclavas have been designed to comply with the new, more stringent FIA 8856-2018 homologation. Developed to offer improved heat and flame resistance whilst remaining light weight and breathable. Alpinestars ZX Series Evo V2 Lines layers are constructed with Lenzing FR®; an innovative natural viscose fiber that affords exceptional flame resistance and protection against heat transfer. This Formula 1 specification underwear is extremely lightweight and thin, while being incredibly soft to the touch for greatly enhanced comfort when wearing a driving suit.

- Formula 1 specification underwear, constructed using an innovative flame resistant technology developed by Alpinestars. Lenzing FR® is a special natural viscose fiber with unique thermal insulation and permanent flame resistance properties that help prevent heat stress and heat stroke.

- Special material formulation is more breathable and has better elastic properties than conventional fabrics. Stretchable construction under the new homologation standard requirements

- Lightweight and seamless tubular torso construction ensures maximum driving comfort with minimal material encumbrance.

- Fabric construction is soft to the touch ensuring a pleasant feel against the skin.

**Complies with FIA standard 8856-2018**