Our Grand Master clinching 2 Podiums in MCS Round 3!

I had to wake up like 6am to find my way up to Sepang to support my Buddy Mark Darwin. We all seen the results of Mark Darwin success in Clinging the Podiums this weekend. I am here to share the challenges we face over MCS round 3.


My dear Pal, was actually down with high fever, Sore throat, Ulcers all over his mouth. I was Waiting for him 2 hrs outside sepang, hoping he will pick up my call so that i could get passes to enter sepang. But it did not happened.


Photo credits to Angeline Lee of ZTH

To make things more interesting, His FD2R race car was newly purchased and built for the race, which means it would be limited driving time on the car before he races.


Mark Darwin, is one respectable young chap i have for. Always so adaptable to the cars that are driven by him.


Another Great person to share about is Mr Reuben Wong a.k.a The Engineering Chef! He flew back from Japan in time to Engineer Mark Darwin race! And guess what, it was a double Podium for the 2 teams that he is leading!



Check out his race 1 Turn 1 manoeuvre video by Neo Cheng Hien



Read more on his Supreme win last weekend at http://www.sepangcircuit.com/


Mark is available at all LMS track days to provide introduction to Sepang Circuit and driver training!


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