Safety starts with precaution. LMS advocates 'NO regrets'!

Head and Neck Support (HANS) or otherwise known as head restraint is a crucial device for all car racing activities. It safeguards the driver from severely injuring his/her head and neck in the event of a crash. 

The HANS device is attached to the driver's helmet via two anchors; one on each side. It rests on the driver's shoulders and is not attached to the car or the seat. The harness (4 point minimum) should seat properly above the HANS. 

The main purpose of the HANS is to prevent the head from jerking forward or backward in a crash. The HANS helps to maintain the position of the head to the body with the help of the HANS tethers. The force from the neck will be transferred to the much stronger part of the body – chest & torso,




Invest 2 minutes to watch this video that will help you understand the importance of using a HANS. 

 - Mark Darwin -

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