2 August 2014: Setting up LMS Autotest

We had to test the Circuit.....



1. Test running the initial Class C layout with my Fitto against a Gymkhana-prep Wira... and I have no ability to do HBT!!


2. As the Wira is too loud, it is not allowed to continue with the layout test. *Phew*... thus my Fitto subsequent test runs will be against a EvoX.
As this is his first run after a familiarisation drive through of the course, I was able to lap into his side of the circuit while he is still running.

Such scenario was expected during our planning stage and with this actual scenario run, we were able to understand and better plan for our operations to ensure safety for all participants.



3.  After some fine adjustments and trying to standardise the width of the corridor... my Fitto cannot drive through the 90 degrees right turn corridor??!!

Is it really too tight?? or I just lack the skills and judgement to drive my Fitto through??


4. After more runs, the EvoX is becoming more competitve!
I should start looking into learning HBT soon... but then... my Fitto's parking brake system sucks!
5. 2nd run starting from the other side. Managed to pull ahead more than previous run but still pretty close.
6. After the previous test runs, we discussed and tweaked the Class C layout by adding 1 more 360 to circuit 2 to try to balance the 2 sides as much as possible.

*however, we eventually remove both 360s for the actual event*

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