LMS Autotest Round III

So last year's seen a rather good support in terms of local motorsports events, with the Singapore Motorsport Academy giving some driver training classes, Driverite organising some gymkhanaevents, and LMS Motorsports running 3 autotest events.

The third round, held mid November, had its own share of happenings, both for the drivers and the spectators.


Those who made their way down to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal were treated with an eclectic line up of cars,as it seems to be the tradition at LMS Autotests events.


The line up had 4WD Imprezas and Foresters, RWD Elise, Cayman, 86/BRZ, and FWD Swift Sport, Cerato Forte, and even a rare Integra DC2 Type R.


As you see by the shots, the weather had a trick up its sleeve to make the event all the more special to the drivers.


And then, as the lap times were getting clocked and drivers moving up the ladder, the skies opened up, and drowned the track.


We've had a wet few monsoon months, and the LMS Autotest wasn't spared. The races were halted when the track became more closely related to a swimming pool rather than a road, but as time passed, it was obvious that the rain wasn't going to stop.


So the LMS team had no choice but to cancel the competition. However, they were not going to let the drivers go home without having their fare share of fun, so they opened the track for free practice until the end of the day.


And this is when the fun really started. The wet track was the perfect practice for the drivers brave enough to give it a go


Splashing water, sideways action, the spectators were given a good show from under their umbrellas.


The rain then slowly faltered, and more drivers lined up their wheels to have a go at the wet grounds.


While the competition was cut short, the drivers didn't seem any less happy to put their skills and cars to yet a new test, and the day couldn't have ended any better.


LMS wrapped 2014 with this event, but the word out there is that they will be back with more events in 2015. Keep it up guys, the local car scene really appreciates your efforts!

"Special Thanks to Benjamin Attard, founder of POWAA GARAGE for his constant support to our events. For more pictures and motorsports lifestyle post, please visit his site @ http://www.powaagarage.com"

- Niki -

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