Our Food Exploration (KL)

Now as you know, I’m a frequent traveller up north due to le husband’s nature of business and it is very important to have our tummy filled especially since we have to travel a total distance of 300km!!!! How do we ever withstand such distance, sometimes I do wonder…but I have to admit, I love road trip VERY MUCH! You gotta love it otherwise you won’t enjoy it.

Back to filling our tummy. 

I’m a “scaredy cat” thus I’ll usually have a varieties of snacks packed for us both just incase along the way our tummy starts to rumble and decided on a game of WWF.

As soon as we arrive in the city of KL, we will unload our bags and head down town to grab some good food. Some of which have become our NUMBER 1 MUST EAT and without fail, we will visit the same restaurant each time we travel to KL.

If you are someone who loves Steamboat, be it rain or shine, YOU MUST visit this restaurant:

COCO Steamboat located @ No. 1, Batu 4 3/4, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia.

Website: http://cocosteamboat.com/contact_us 


The soup base is made up of PORK BONE and of cause, you can choose from a varieties of soup base which I think you should make a trip down yourself should you want to find out more. 

COCO Steamboat restaurant also serve a varieties of side dishes to add on to your steamboat just incase the set that you ordered doesn’t comes with what you crave for.


Tadaaaaaaaaaa….What a huge portion! It will be good if you were to eat with a group of 4 which makes it just nice for the tummy otherwise food will go to waste.


P/S: Be prepared to wait in line as there’s always long queue over the weekends.


Hungry already? Stay tuned for more entries on our favourite eateries in KL!


Till then,


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