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  • DRY SYSTEM provides excellent breath-ability to regulate body temperature
  • Advanced cooling ready for increased cooling when required
  • Ultra flat, anti-rubbing seams increase comfort with reduced pressure points
  • Lightweight stretch knit Nomex for a close and comfortable fit

**Complies with FIA standard 8856-2018** 



To help drivers reduce body temperature and improve their performance, OMP has designed a range of underwear and breathable clothing. Very often drivers incur situations in which the regulation of body temperature is compromised and the risk of hyperthermia is very high. The increase in body temperature increases the feeling of fatigue, dramatically reduces performance and potentially can lead to circumstances which increase the risk of accidents. Body areas subject to a greater perspiration are: underarm, brachial, back, lumbar, front tibial and popliteal areas.

The OMP One Evo long sleeve top achieves maximum cooling and breath-ability through the unique 3D paneling inserts which enable the driver to keep focused longer. The One range of underwear has been designed to work in conjunction with the One S1, One Evo, One S and Technica Evo range of race suits. This long sleeve underwear top is extremely lightweight and features a crew neck and OMP's unique DRY SYSTEM technology 3D inserts. Stretch fit Nomex and 'anti rubbing' ultra flat seams provide maximum comfort and optimum fit.