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The first car to pit communication system using mobile phones

Available versions:

  • CQ0008 – Single Car to Single Pit Headset
  • CQ0009 – Single Car to Two Pit Headsets
  • CQ0010 – Two Cars to a Single Pit Headset


  • Licenses: there is no need for a license as it uses mobile telephone Sim cards.
  • Full Duplex: while also totally private and secure, the both phones allow each of the crew to talk at the same time.
  • Coverage: unlike temperamental radio systems, the Verbacom allows communication on any length of circuit as it uses mobile phone signals.
  • Clarity: using digital noise cancelling the communications give excellent voice clarity, which has been tested in F3 to F1 cars, and GT to Le Mans vehicles.
  • Easy to Use: this unit has been designed around professional motorsport, and is extremely easy to use and setup. Simple and very very effective.
  • In Car: the driver does no more than plug in and drive.Thanks to the digital noise cancellation that cancels all background noises, there’s no need to use a PTT button and the driver can speak anytime.

Working in the same way as the Verbacom Pro, the club unit is totally transportable for use in any vehicle or kart.
The main Bluetooth unit (1) is self-powered and connects to a mobile phone (4)(Sim card not supplied) which is mounted in the car. This unit has volume controls and a visible system status light for the driver, and also an on/off switch.
This weighing just 66gr and measuring 74 x 47 x 15 mm it is extremely small and light. Helmet wiring (3) with an extension cable connects into the driver’s helmet (AE0300 and AE0315 are required should your helmet have no wiring).


Noise reduction headsets are self powered and have either a single or double Bluetooth unit subject to the system you buy. These connect to a mobile phone (2) by Bluetooth for communication with the car, or wirelessly to the second pit headset (1).
Lightweight and Compact: the Verbacom is very lightweight in comparison to normal radio systems giving performance all round.

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